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Cineplex Entertainment Introduces Barco Escape To Cinephiles

I have always been interested in exploring the concept of travel within a film — I guess you could say I’m seeking a fully immersive experience when it comes watching movies. Certainly, when there is a riveting storyline involved– I’m easily engrossed in the characters thoughts and emotions. But their where abouts the setting- is trickier to sense. Especially if the movie is set in an otherworldly spot. Barco Escape, in partnership with Cineplex Entertainment, is hoping to offer viewers a more dynamic movie experience in Canada with panoramic screens. This format is currently available at Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver, Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton and Scotiabank Theatre Toronto. I got the scoop on this new technology and offer thoughts on whether you should try seeing the latest blockbuster flicks with it yourself:
What is Barco Escape?