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‘Star Trek Beyond’: The Nail-Biting Rush to Get It to the New Wide-Screen Theaters

As Star Trek Beyond opens in theaters today, a specially mastered version of the film will bow in 30
theaters worldwide that support Barco Escape, a new Cinerama-like theatrical format. It’s the widest
opening ever for the new theater experience from digital technology developer Barco, which uses three
screens, mounted on the front and side walls of a movie theater, stitched together to create wider images.
But designing Beyond for Barco Escape and getting it to those theaters by opening day proved to be an
ambitious and “crazy” experience on the part of the filmmakers. The results were shown for the first time
in the U.S. on July 20 at Regal L.A. Live, a “Barco Innovation Center,” which has an Escape auditorium.
Attendees got a look at how Barco hopes to excite movie-goers as an enormous rendering of the Starship
Enterprise soared across the three-screen configuration.